How does Kidsy work?

We make buying and selling secondhand children’s items easy and hassle free. Looking for something for your child? Shop our products and buy gently used items, up to 90% off retail price. Looking to clear out your child’s closet or nursery? List your items for sale in just a few quick steps.

How does the selling and commission work?

On Kidsy, you can sell directly to buyers across the United States. Once you have set up your profile, you can sell your item by adding photos and answering a few quick questions about it. Once you post your item, your listing will be live and others will be able to browse, ask you questions about it, purchase immediately or even make you an offer. Kidsy only takes a 12% commission, so you keep 88% of your sale!

How does buying work?

Kidsy gives you access to thousands of children’s wardrobes and nurseries across the country, giving you more choice and affordability when it comes to buying secondhand. You can browse through items and filter your search to find exactly what you need. You are also able to message sellers directly, ask further questions about an item and even make them an offer.

What type of items can I sell?

On Kidsy, you can sell a wide range of children’s items. Everything from clothes, shoes and accessories to toys, books, feeding products, bath items, diapering, travel gear and nursery essentials. As long as the item fits in one of our many categories, you are able to sell it. We ask you to only sell items that you would happily buy. That means that although items may show signs of gentle wear and tear, they are generally in good condition. If you have an item that has any imperfections (e.g. stains, rips, scratches or fading) we ask that you accurately capture this in your photos and clearly describe this when listing. This ensures that buyers feel joy when their item arrives and you get a good review.

What brands can I sell?

At Kidsy, we do not discriminate. All brands are welcome.

The clothes or shoes I am selling have European or Asian sizing. What do I do?

You can still sell these on Kidsy. Please check the brand’s website, as individual brands from different countries have their own sizing charts and please make the conversion to U.S. sizing.

How do I price my item?

Pricing secondhand items can be tricky, especially if you are new at reselling. Look for the original retail price of the item and then browse Kidsy to see what similar listings are priced at. You will get a feel for the types of discounts people apply when selling such items. Also consider the condition of the item, the brand and how much life is left in it. Always use the common sense approach and as yourself “would I pay that much for it?” If your item is not selling, you may need to consider lowering your price.

How do I change the price when I have accepted an offer?

When you are logged into your account, you can edit your listing and change the price. Let the buyer know as soon as you have edited the price. While you are doing this, it is also a good idea to mention that the item is RESERVED in your item description, to avoid someone else swooping in and buying it at the new price.

Someone bought my item, what do I do now?

Congratulations on your sale! Now comes the important part. Package your item with care - if the item is delicate or fragile, we recommend securing it with bubble wrap or a padded package. Write your buyers shipping information on the package (this will automatically appear in your inbox) and send it out as soon as possible. Shipping out your item within 48-72 hours is ideal and within 5 days is appropriate. Life happens and if there are any delays, please communicate directly with your buyer so they know when they can expect their item.

How do I let the buyer know the item has been sent?

Once you have sent the item, please log into your account and message the buyer to let them know the item is on the way to its new home. Please also add the tracking information so the buyer can track the item.

I paid for an item, but it has not arrived. What do I do?

At Kidsy, we ensure trust and transparency is a part of every transaction. Please give the seller 5 days to ship out your time. If your item still hasn’t shipped, please email us at hello@kidsy.co with your order details and we will ensure that your item gets shipped as soon as possible or give you a refund.

My item arrived, but it is damaged or not as described. What do I do?

We’re sorry that your item arrived in a condition that did not match the description! Please take photos of the item and email them hello@kidsy.co within 48 hours of receiving it. Our team will investigate the complaint and process a return of the item, a refund or both.