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CYBEX Cloud Q Load Leg Base For Car Seat

CYBEX Cloud Q Load Leg Base For Car Seat

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Details: CYBEX Cloud Q Load Leg Base The CYBEX Load Leg Base is for use with the CYBEX Cloud Q Infant Car Seat. An additional base is ideal for multi-car families, allowing you to conveniently attach the infant car seat to the pre-installed base.

Features:Cybex Cloud Q Load Leg Base would make a convenient stay-in-car base for a second vehicle to let you directly click in a Cloud Q rear-facing infant car seat for babies 4-35 lbHeight-adjustable Load Leg absorbs and distributes crash energy to the floor of the vehicle to reduce the forward pitching of the seat on impact, helping keep the child in the correct position during a crashLoad leg also helps reduce the risk of injury that can be caused by the seat rotating too far forward on impactSolid steel spine creates metal to metal contact through the Load Leg, infant carrier, and the vehicle to add strength and properly manage crash forcesGreen safety button indicates a secure connection has been made between the infant car seat and the baseDual action release prevents accidental release of the infant car seat from the baseUnique belt tensioning plate for quick, simple and secure installation when using either LATCH or vehicle seat beltsSpecification:

Brand: Cybex

Model: Cloud QModel number: 515140179Available in Black

Measurements: 21.3“L x 15”W x 7.9”H

Weight: 12.6 lbs.

UPC: 4250183776681

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