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Masters of the Universe

New Masters of the Universe Sun-Man Action Figure 3pk

New Masters of the Universe Sun-Man Action Figure 3pk

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This Masters of the Universe Origins action figures three-Pack will take fans on a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s with Rulers of the Sun characters Kikto, Holographo, and Zap-Man. A modern execution of the vintage Sun-Man allies at 5.5-inch scale includes 16 articulated joints on each figure for great posability. They also have removable heads and chest harnesses and additional accessories. Kikto, the martial arts expert sworn to battle evil, comes armed with a knife, wrist and thigh armor and 4 "exploding" star discs. The discs fit onto the wrist armor. Zap-Man is ready to fend off technological attacks. The micro-laser specialist is armed with an elaborate harness and wrist armor. Futuristic scientist Holographo, from a distant part of the universe, can capture, freeze, and manipulate illusions with his lenticular-detailed chest shield. He's also armed with a sword. Built at 5.5-inch scale, all the figures are ready for realistic battle play. Individual character cards are included for each figure. Makes a great gift for MOTU fans ages 6 years and older.

This Masters of the Universe Origins three-Pack of action figures features modern designs inspired by vintage Rulers of the Sun toys. It includes 3 diverse Sun-Man allies – Kikto, the expert kickboxer; Holographo, the futuristic scientist, and Zap-Man, the micro-laser specialist. Re-enactments of storytelling scenes are made easy with these figures with removable heads, armor pieces, and battle accessories. Three individual character cards are included. For fans 6 years and older. Colors and decorations may vary.

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