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Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy Spiral Car Seat & Stroller Activity Toy - Stroller & Car Seat Toys (Pastel Rainbow)

Itzy Ritzy Spiral Car Seat & Stroller Activity Toy - Stroller & Car Seat Toys (Pastel Rainbow)

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Condition: Gently Used

This is a gently used item in excellent condition. Item may show some signs of use like minor scratches or minor stains. The item was inspected by the Kidsy team and is in perfect working condition.

Travels abound! Endless adventures await with your babe’s new travel tagalong, the Itzy Bitzy Spiral from our Bitzy Bespoke collection! Watch as your babe reaches for the dangling ring, smiles at their reflection in the hanging mirror, and grasps for the ribbons keeping their little hands busy. Our natural cotton fabrics are gentle & soft to baby’s touch. For the many travels ahead, easily attach the Itzy Bitzy Spiral to car seats and strollers for fun on the go! Whether it's a quick stroll or a long car ride, this travel tagalong promises endless entertainment for your little explorer. Immerse your baby in a world of sensory delight. The carefully curated design of the Itzy Bitzy Spiral encourages tactile exploration, visual engagement, and auditory stimulation, fostering crucial developmental milestones. The combination of the soft, textured fabrics and interactive elements makes this tagalong not just a source of entertainment but a valuable tool for your baby's growth and discovery. Elevate every journey with the perfect blend of fun and learning!

  • ON-THE-GO ENTERTAINMENT: Make travels with your little one a joy with Itzy Ritzy's Activity Toy. Perfect for infants aged 0 months and up, it ensures a delightful experience during car rides and strolls, keeping your baby happily engaged.
  • SENSORY ADVENTURES: Three interactive hanging toys, including a soft mushroom with a dangling mirror and gentle jingle sound, transform car rides, walks, and adventures into captivating experiences for your baby.
  • CALM & EXPLORATORY: The minky bunny with a hexagon ring & the crinkling cottage toy with textured grosgrain ribbons, foster a calm & exploratory environment. Easily attach the flexible spiral to a car seat or stroller for secure, hands-on exploration.
  • SECURE & SIMPLE SETUP: Effortlessly attach the soft, flexible spiral to car seats or strollers, securing it with added loops. Prioritizing safety and convenience, Itzy Ritzy ensures a fuss-free, secure attachment for worry-free play.
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFTING: Looking for a thoughtful gift? Consider Itzy Ritzy's Spiral Car Seat & Stroller Activity Toy—a delightful present that adds a touch of joy to any journey. Practicality with a playful spirit, it's perfect for on-the-go families.

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