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New Rainbocorns Epic Golden Egg by ZURU (Snail)

New Rainbocorns Epic Golden Egg by ZURU (Snail)

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Condition: New Overstock

Brand new in box. Box is lightly damaged but item is unaffected.

  • 25 + LAYERS OF SURPRISE! Hatch open the brand new EPIC golden egg to meet the most glittering Rainbocorns yet! There are over 25 layers of surprise to discover, including a giant sequin heart, collectible Boo-Boocorns, hair accessories and more!
  • 3 EXCLUSIVE NEW RAINBOCORNS! Hatch open the giant golden egg to reveal one of the brand NEW Rainbocorns! Collect them all! There are 3 exclusive giant Rainbocorns including Goldie the Snailcorn, Cesealia the Sealcorn and Deery Queen the Reindeercorn! Each Rainbocorn comes with a unique Sequin Surprise Heart to reveal what they love. Who will you find?!
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Big Golden Egg with 1 Giant Plush with Sequin Heart, 1 x golden Heart Tie, 2 x glittering Bows, 1 x glitzy Hair Band, 1 x glamorous Glitter Pot, 1 x Brush, 1 x Stencil Sticker, 1 x Sticker, 1 x Slap Band, 3 x Gems, 3 x Rings, 3 x Hair Clips, 3 x Boo-Boocorns, 3 x Boo-Boocorn Eggs, 1 x Collector’s Guide.
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