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New Dr. Brown's Insta-Prep Warm Water Dispenser (Black)

New Dr. Brown's Insta-Prep Warm Water Dispenser (Black)

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Brand new in box. Box is damaged but item is unaffected.

  • MULTI-TEMPERATURE WARM WATER DISPENSER FOR BABY BOTTLES. Simplify baby feeding sessions with bottle prep in one easy step with warm water dispenser for formula baby bottles. Fits all Dr. Brown’s baby bottles and most other bottle brands.
  • 3 PRESET TEMP SETTINGS. Dispense water as needed for bottle prep at the perfect temperature for your baby: room temp, body temp, and slightly warmer than body temp.
  • PREP BABY BOTTLE FAST. The warming feature stays on 24/7, saving time with on-demand warm water to mix baby’s formula.
  • UNIQUE GLASS WARMING TANK. The unique glass warming tank helps maintain your ideal temperature without transferring a plastic smell or flavor.
  • BUILT-IN NIGHTLIGHT. Nightlight feature provides just the right amount of gentle light to help prep baby’s formula bottles in low light without disturbing baby’s sleep.
  • SAVE TIME. The large capacity tank holds up to 1.5 L of water, which means less time spent refilling and more time for hassle-free bottle prep.
  • COMPACT DESIGN. Compact and sleek design fits perfectly on a standard countertop, combining aesthetic and functionality.

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