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New Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet (White/Brown)

New Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet (White/Brown)

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Brand new, open box item. Box was opened and thoroughly inspected by the Kidsy team. Includes everything. Ships in original box.
SNOO is a responsive baby bassinet that boosts a baby’s sleep by combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling. SNOO helps babies self-soothe by imitating the calming sensations of the womb. Advanced algorithm can tell baby cries from room noise and automatically responds to your babies needs by rocking + sound, often calming baby in under 1 minute.

Created by Dr. Harvey Karp (The 5 S’s, Happiest Baby on the Block), SNOO was granted FDA De Novo Authorization by the FDA and is now classified as a medical device. (De Novo means the product is a whole new and unique class of devices). SNOO is the first and only FDA De Novo Authorized Infant Sleep System (along with SNOO Sack, our patented swaddle that clips into SNOO) to keep sleeping babies positioned safely on the back. Babies who are placed on the back for sleep are at a lower risk of SIDS/SUID. For important safety information visit

Download the easy-peasy Happiest Baby App to control SNOO remotely by picking the best motion and white noise levels for your baby. You can then view your babies sleep patterns and track daily, weekly, monthly progress—with SNOO Sleep Logs.

Included: SNOO Smart Sleeper, 3 white SNOO Sacks (S,M,L) made with organic cotton, SNOO sheet made of GOTS certified organic cotton, Mattress and water-resistant cover, Unlimited access to sleep consultants, 7 days/week


  • Added Sleep: Adds 1-2 hours of sleep per night with constant calming womb rhythms
  • Added safety: Secure swaddling prevents rolling to an unsafe position during sleep
  • Includes the SNOO Smart Sleeper, three organic cotton white SNOO Sacks (S, M, & L), an organic cotton fitted sheet and mattress and water resistant-cover
  • Calms Fussing: Soothes upsets by responding with increasing motion + sound, often calming crying in under a minute.
  • Responsive: SNOO automatically responds to your baby's needs when it detects fussing or crying.
  • Breathable mesh walls for healthy air flow with premium motor for quiet and reliability
  • Mobile App: Helpful settings, daily sleep report, and tips from Dr. Karp.
  • Naturally Sleep Trains: Teaches baby to self-soothe with little need to cry-it-out.
  • FDA De Novo Authorized to keep sleeping babies safely on their backs
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