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New Munchkin Touch Free Baby Wipe Warmer with Nightlight

New Munchkin Touch Free Baby Wipe Warmer with Nightlight

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New, open box item.

  • Low voltage wipe warmer with motion sensing lid and nightlight
  • Easy access to wipes – automatically opens with a quick wave of the hand
  • Nightlight feature shuts off after 15 minutes – perfect for overnight diaper changes!
  • Comfort meets convenience – won’t heat wipes beyond safe warmth
  • Plugs into wall and prevents drying or discoloration
  • Stores up to 100 standard baby wipes at a time (compatible with all brands)


Nobody enjoys a cold wipe -- and let’s face it, some little ones don’t enjoy diaper changes, either! The motion activated Touch Free Wipe Warmer helps make diaper duty easier and more comfortable for all. Pairing the convenience of a touch free motion sensor with the cozy comfort of a warm wipe, this warmer keeps yours hands free to deal with more pressing matters (like a wiggly baby or fleeing toddler). Not too hot, not too cold, a wipe from the Touch Free Wipe Warmer is always just right! And since we know efficiency is key for middle of the night diaper changes, it doubles as a soft nightlight while in use. All this plus a sleek, minimalist design is sure to earn this warming system a permanent spot in the nursery.
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