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FAO Schwarz

New - FAO Schwarz Toy Wood Ultimate Doll House LED

New - FAO Schwarz Toy Wood Ultimate Doll House LED

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New in box. Box has some light retail wear/tear on it.

Enter a world of grandeur with the F.A.O. Schwarz® Fabulous Family Mansion Luxury Dollhouse. This 3-story mansion, standing at an impressive 30" tall, offers an immersive play experience like no other. This set includes four true-to-size dolls, inviting children to engage in imaginative play, creating stories, and bringing the dolls' world to life. Children can ring the doorbell or initiate a lively party with 3 unique music modes, all activated by a simple push of a button. The luxury mansion features six fully furnished designer rooms, giving children the freedom to explore different living spaces and scenarios. Each room has been meticulously designed and furnished for a truly lavish miniature living experience. With 34 total pieces, the set offers countless hours of creative play. Suitable for children ages 3 and up, it's a beautiful addition to any playroom. Encourage imaginative play and storytelling with this luxurious dollhouse set.

•Immerse in luxury with a 3-story dollhouse that stands 30” tall, creating a grand play experience
•Set comes with 4 true-to-size dolls for imaginative role play and storytelling
•Bring the dollhouse to life with a working doorbell and 3 unique music modes at the push of a button
•Explore 6 fully furnished designer rooms for a lavish living experience in miniature form
•This 34-piece set provides hours of creative play and is suitable for ages 3 and up
•F.A.O. Schwarz®, celebrating the wonder of childhood since 1862

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