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New Kendamil Goat Powder Toddler Formula (28.2oz)

New Kendamil Goat Powder Toddler Formula (28.2oz)

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•CRAFTED IN EUROPE: Every drop of whole goat milk in Kendamil Goat Infant Formula is sourced from family farms in Europe
•OUR MOST GENTLE FORMULA: Whole goat milk with A2 protein, added goat whey and prebiotics may ease digestion and help address gas, fussiness, reflux and constipation
•EASIER TO DIGEST: Natural goat milk fats have more short fatty acid chains that are easier for little tummies to break down versus vegetable oils such as palm oil
•WHOLESOME BY NATURE: Made with 100% goat milk lactose, the same natural, digestible carbohydrate in breast milk. No corn syrup solids or maltodextrin
•NATURALLY CLOSER TO BREAST MILK: Goat milk contains more A2 beta-caseins, selenium, and natural prebiotics, all found in breast milk, compared to cow’s milk
•OUR MOST ADVANCED FORMULA: The only goat formula to include natural MFGM and natural HMOs, present in breast milk and linked to infant cognitive development and immune system development
•NEVER ANY: Palm oil, added soy, corn syrup or GMOs
•SUPPORTS GROWTH: For toddlers with allergies, dietary restrictions or sensitivities that limit their intake of certain nutrients
•12 MONTHS - 36 MONTHS: Supports growth for toddlers from 12 months to 36 months


Hi, we’re Kendamil - proudly family-owned and crafted in Europe since 1962. For over 60 years, our family has been dedicated to raising the infant formula standard with our signature whole milk recipe.

Kendamil Goat toddler formula can be an easy transition from infant formula for toddlers that may not meet their nutritional requirements from a regular diet or who have allergies, dietary restrictions or sensitivities that limit their intake of certain nutrients.

Kendamil Goat toddler formula is nature’s gentle formula. Made with goat milk instead of cow’s milk, goat milk predominantly contains A2 beta-casein proteins, which match the proteins found in breast milk and may be easier to digest for sensitive babies. The A2 proteins in goat milk form smaller, softer, looser casein curds promoting gentler digestion. For toddlers experiencing digestive discomfort such as constipation, gassiness, and reflux, using goat milk formula may reduce the likelihood of these symptoms occurring, making it a natural alternative for infants with sensitive tummies.

Whole milk fats and lactose replace palm oil, soy, and corn syrups while creating a naturally creamy formula closer to breast milk and wholesome by nature.

Our award-winning formulas meet the highest standards for infant formula set forth by Europe and the United States, guaranteeing exceptional quality for your family.

Certified Vegetarian

Always consult with your healthcare professional if you have concerns that your infant is suffering from Congenital Lactase Deficiency.

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