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New VTech First Responder Smart Rescue Set

New VTech First Responder Smart Rescue Set

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Be a helping hero, ready to jump into action with the First Responder Smart Rescue Set™! Kiddos can banish the boo-boos on their family, friends, dolls and stuffed animals with this 15-piece kit—and get comfortable with going to the doctor! Dress up like a first responder, grab your interactive healthcare tablet and let's go. Explore medical tools, the human body and common sicknesses using the touch points on the tablet.


  • Explore the healthcare tablet; find out about the human body, your patient's symptoms and needs, and medical tools to help them
  • Time for a check-up; hear about different ways patients need your help, then choose the right tools and health tips
  • Encourage kids to care for their friends, family and toys with a 15-piece medic kit
  • Includes healthcare tablet, first responder costume, medic bag, stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer, syringe, bandage, liquid medicine, pretend walkie-talkie, pretend flashlight and safety glasses
  • Intended for ages 2–5 years
  • Be a little first responder with a 15-piece medic kit; help kids learn to care for others and get comfortable going to the doctor with the perfect holiday gift or birthday present for kids 2–5 years old
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