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New VTech Mix And Match-a-Saurus

New VTech Mix And Match-a-Saurus

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Condition: New Open Box

New Open Box - The VTech Mix And Match-a-Saurus is all you need to keep your kiddo laughing, dancing and roaring for hours.

The toy comes with 3 emotion tiles, 3 music tiles and 3 character tiles. You can customize and decide how the dino interacts with your child simply by placing those tiles on the dino's back. You can make your baby meet the happy hip-hop dino or the angry marching monster. Depending on what tiles you place on the dino's back, the dinosaur will move, sing, dance, talk and keep the child engaged. This helps children follow along for gross-motor play. Your cutie will learn so much about social and emotional skills with the help of the emotion tiles. Your child will soon start to understand emotion and healthy ways of expressing its feelings.

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