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Schleich Horse Adventures with Car and Trailer Horse Play Set

Schleich Horse Adventures with Car and Trailer Horse Play Set

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New, open box item.
  • The pony is settled in the horse trailer, farming chores are done, and the car is packed! Hannah and her Holsteiner are racing to leave the house and go camping. Includes horse harness, saddle, water bucket, blankets, hay bales, sleeping bags, and more
  • Schleich Horse Club – Car & Trailer are part of the horse and farm series. Help your farmer with a Schleich truck, tractor, cow trailer, chicken stall, and big playhouse horse barn. Or, create a zoo with an elephant, giraffe, zebra, tiger, and gorilla
  • Animal Figurines - Unicorn, jungle critter, or safari creature there are stories to be made from girls and boys of all ages. From dragon figurines, mermaid toys, hippo dolls, to kitten and puppy toys, Schleich's amazing collection is truly authentic
  • Sustainable Children Toys - We manufacture high quality true realistic figures for years of durable play and collectability. Our toy figures & playsets will last from generation to generation. A child's imagination will create the fantasy world
  • Schleich Toys - What if your bath became a country rodeo? Why not let your kids imagination and spirit run free like a cheetah? And then cowboys round up sheep and goats with a compact cart pulled by a camel. Saving them from a lion and bear
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