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ZEEBABA Baby Playpen with Mat, 47x47inch Playpen

ZEEBABA Baby Playpen with Mat, 47x47inch Playpen

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Condition: Gently Used

This is a gently used item in excellent condition. Item may show some signs of use like minor scratches or minor stains. The item was inspected by the Kidsy team and is in perfect working condition.

  • 🌙Spacious Baby Playpen for Small Areas:This 47*47*27inch baby playpen is great for small spaces, 3-4 babies or 2 adults can be in baby playpen. it's a baby playpen with mat that will keeps your baby safe while you cook, wash, conversate on the phone, and more. You don't have to worry about your kid getting wounded while you do your chores. You don't have to keep an eye on them at all times. They can't get out of there without your help because they're enclosed in baby playpen
  • 🌙Set Up a Dedicated Pet-Free Zone for Your Child: Even if your pet is lovable, animals are still unpredictable. As babies get older and learn to grasp and pull, they’re not always gentle. baby playpen keep babies safe without a pet, babies can safely do tummy time without pet licking his face or pawing at him. or grabbing his toys and then having to chase her down and wash the toy afterward. Plus you can keep all the toys in the baby playpen to avoid the pet Pet's slobber and fur
  • 🌙Enhances the value of time spent playing alone: This baby playpen is the most excellent place to leave your baby alone and allow them to engage in independent play. Put them in a baby playpen with their favorite toys so your baby can have fun while hopping around in a big play yard.
  • 🌙Good for Travel and Live: The baby playpen provide shelter to your little ones during outdoor activities and gatherings. For example, if you are going for a picnic, a baby playpen will act as a shelter for your baby where he can play, nap, and change his diapers without any problem and discomfort.
  • 🌙Stabilized Baby Play Mat: Thanks to the XPE, the play mat sticks to the floor perfectly, a baby crawling or learning to walk will not slip, the size is 47*47inch. Soft colour scheme suitable for either gender, this play mat can also put in to the playpen
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